In order to strengthen and diversify Plutus as the project develops a portion of the PLS supply will be reserved for non-rebase bonding. Some yield generated by Plutus' Productive Treasury may go towards bonding for other assets as well. Plutus may bond for Dopex or Jones assets and LPs, Plutus protocol owned liquidity, and additional assets Plutus finds important to strengthening the project.
By bonding in a manner that does not include rebasing it protects PLS holders from severe inflation and heavily diluting their holdings. The portion of total PLS supply allocated to bonding is 10% and only 0.5% of the supply will be unlocked for bonding each month. The flexibility of bonding with yield generated by the Productive Treasury or PLS emissions means Plutus will always have the ability to accumulate additional assets without dumping directly onto the market.
  • 10,000,000 PLS are allocated to non-rebase bonding
  • Non-Rebase Bonding rewards will become available over the course of 20 months
    • Each month 500,000 PLS will become available for non-rebase bonding
      • This DOES NOT mean we will bond these 500,000 PLS each month
      • The team DOES NOT plan to use any of the non-rebase bonding funds in the first few months
      • Non-rebase bonding is not currently live
Last modified 2mo ago