Productive Treasury

Plutus will develop a productive treasury primarily consisting of Dopex and Jones assets. The treasury will create deeper liquidity for both Dopex and Jones trading pairs - reducing slippage for users - while generating yield for the treasury. A portion of the yield will be distributed to PLS lockers and plsDPX+plsJONES stakers. The rest of the yield will be compounded and held within the treasury.

Current yield distribution breakdown is as follows:

  • 50% - Compounded within the treasury
  • 25% - Distributed amongst PLS lockers
  • 15% - Distributed amongst plsDPX stakers
  • 10% - Distributed amongst plsJONES stakers

Who will decide how the treasury is used?

  • The use of the treasury will be at the discretion of the Plutus Core Team with plans to transition to a process where decisions are led by the community