Plutus currently has 5 plsAssets.
  • plsDPX
  • plsARB
  • plsRDNT
  • plsSPA
  • plsJONES

Minting plsAssets

  • Users may deposit DPX, ARB, RDNT, SPA or JONES into Plutus, which are locked forever as veDPX, ARB, RDNT dLP, veSPA or veJONES respectively.
  • Plutus returns a tokenized version of the asset as a plsAsset (plsDPX, plsARB, plsRDNT, plsSPA or plsJONES)

Staking plsAssets

  • With plsAssets, users can achieve exposure to max-locked rewards without having to lock their tokens. Through a liquid staking derivative, users can exit their plsAsset position for the respective token whenever they wish. With additional incentives on top of max-locked veAsset yield, plsAssets are always more lucrative and liquid compared to the the native option of max-locking an asset.
  • plsAssets can be staked on Plutus to receive their respective platform's max-locked fees/single stake rewards, PLS emissions and a portion of yield from Plutus’ Productive Treasury.

plsAsset Liquidity Pools

  • Users are able to swap plsJones and plsDPX into Jones and DPX through plsAsset-Asset liquidity pools. Swapping from plsDPX to DPX on Camelot incurs a 2% sell fee.
  • The plsRDNT liquidity pool is live on Chronos.
  • The plsARB liquidity pool is live on Camelot's V3 farms.
  • The liquidity pools are incentivized with PLS emissions, which users can receive by staking their plsAsset LP on Plutus.
  • Please note that the liquidity pool is not guaranteed to trade 1:1 with the underlying asset. The demand for both the asset and plsAsset determine the ratio of the liquidity pool. Plutus is not responsible for maintaining any ratio.
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