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Token Overview


  • Max Supply: 100,000,000
  • Platform Rewards - 35% - 35,000,000
    • Platform rewards are reserved for incentivizing future products
  • Liquidity Mining - 15% - 15,000,000
    • Used to bootstrap and incentivize new products
  • Operational Allocation - 13.8% - 13,800,000
    • Community-driven activities, future incentives, incentivize contribution, DAO swaps, etc.
    • There is no set emissions schedule for the Operational Allocation, they will be distributed as needed
  • Bonding - 10% - 10,000,000
    • Bonding funds will be used to acquire assets deemed important to the Plutus ecosystem
  • Public TGE - 10% - 10,000,000
    • Funds will go towards developing a productive treasury and deepening liquidity across trading pairs
  • Private TGE - 4.2% - 4,200,000
    • All funds from the private round will go towards ensuring the long-term development of Plutus
    • Private round funds have a 3 month lock and 3 month linear unlock schedule
  • Plutus Team - 12% - 12,000,000
    • 3 month cliff, 18 month vesting schedule
This chart omits Platform Rewards (35,000,000 PLS) and Operational Allocation (13,800,000) as there is no set emissions schedule for them at this time.

Liquidity Mining Emissions

For the first month there will be 825,000 PLS tokens distributed via liquidity mining emissions. Each following month the total amount of PLS distributed via liquidity mining emissions will decrease by ~17391 PLS tokens. See chart below for breakdown.

Liquidity mining rewards will be split amongst the following pools:

  • plsDPX SS
  • plsJONES SS
  • plsDPX LP
  • plsJONES LP
  • plvGLP SS
  • plsSPA SS
  • plsSPA LP
  • plsARB SS
  • plsARB LP
  • plsRDNT SS
  • plsRDNT LP
*Please Note: We are currently underutilizing our liquidity mining emissions **Please Note: Cells that are highlighted green represent emissions that have been distributed
Please note, the PLS allocated to "Bonding" will not be distributed for the first few months. Each month 500,000 PLS will become available for the team to distribute via bonding, that DOES NOT mean the tokens will be distributed each month.

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