PLS is the native governance token of Plutus.
  • PLS can be locked on Plutus in monthly epochs to earn yield from bribes. PLS can be locked in 72 hour periods between epochs. To find the current estimate for epoch timing, please visit our staking page.​
  • If a user has locked their PLS in the monthly epoch, they are eligible for bribes. Bribes can be claimed from the 'Staking' page under the 'PLS' staking module.
  • PLS lockers receive control over the governance of the underlying veDPX, veSPA, ARB, RDNT dLP and veJones. This means that PLS lockers also earn bribes that have occured during the time they were locked in to an epoch.
  • Plutus has announced the 2.0 model of their tokenomics - read more here.